Atlanta’s Best Eats Awards

Sadly, our time in Atlanta has ended. As you can see, Atlanta has blessed us with some amazing food. We may visit again, and if we do, we will likely be visiting some of old favorite haunts. With that in mind, we’d like to offer our very own Atlanta’s Best Eats awards.

And the envelope, please…

We want to thank the Atlanta restaurants that have made our time there memorable. You can bet that once we get settled after our move, there will be a Baltimore/DC Best Eats page as well. We already have a few restaurants in mind.



4897 Buford Hwy
Suite 113
Chamblee, GA 30341
(770) 220-0308

Pros: mix of Malaysian and Thai cuisine

Cons: spicy dishes could have used more spice

It’s often hard to find good Malaysian that actually tastes authentic and does not have gastro-intestinal consequences. Penang was a welcome find in the Doraville area. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that seem to cover a spectrum of cuisines combining Japanese, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and Thai cuisines.

One of their widely recommended appetizers, Roti Canal, tastes like Indian naan (though a bit more doughy) that you dip in a chicken and potato sauce. We also ordered Penang Char Kuey Teow, basically a seafood flat rice noodle dish that had some definite Chinese influence. The Green Nasi Lemak was a fried rice dish that had a coconut taste along with some chicken and seafood. Finally, their water spinach dish was like nothing we had tried before. The combination of dishes was tasty!

Our only real complaint was that each of our dishes was listed as being spicy, however, we did not taste any real spice. For spice fans, this may be a disappointment. If you are extremely sensitive to spice, this might be a welcome change.

Lack of spice aside, this was definitely a tasty find along the multicultural mix that is Buford Highway.


1565 B Decatur Rd
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 377-4407

Pros: Tasty and healthy brunch items, breakfast all day

Cons: Depending on time, may be crowded and limited parking

Emory kids get everything, including an amazing breakfast joint! It’s hard to think of anything to say about Rise-N-Dine, except that we wished there was more space here.

Rise-N-Done specializes in breakfast dishes made of only the freshest of ingredients. Of course, what comes out of this is that you get some of the tastiest omelettes, biscuits, and pancakes imagineable. We had the Pangea, a Greek omelette that was simply amazing. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast-oriented dishes, there are also some amazing sandwiches. We also had the Thanksgiving Sandwich. The only that was missing from the sandwich was some gravy to go with the turkey, cranberry sauce, and side potatoes.

Like we said earlier, there is little to really complain about this place. This is arguably the prize of Emory Village.

Agnes & Muriel’s

1514 Monroe Dr
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 885-1000

Pros: Very cute atmosphere, friendly service, great for intimate parties

Cons: Chicken was a little burned, valet parking

When you walk into Agnes & Muriel’s, you will feel like you’re walking into a Loony Toons cartoon. The decor is definitely unique, as the color scheme and trimmings on the walls, windows, and doors are slightly assymetrical. Additionally, you will find Barbie dolls throughout the restaurant in amusing poses. As we saw on our visit, the atmosphere and environment works great for small intimate gatherings and parties, like a bridal shower or baby shower.

Admittedly, the atmosphere is this restaurant’s major strength. The food wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was pretty good, especially for brunch dishes. The salmon scramble was amazing. The chicken & biscuits benedict had a delightfully tasty sauce, however, the chicken, itself was slightly burned.

Be ready to surrender your car to the valet parking, unless you want to park a little further away. Aside from this, this is a place to return to, if nothing else, for the atmosphere.

Tahitian Noni Cafe

264 19th St
Suite 2100
Atlanta, GA 30363
(678) 298-7250

Pros: Excellent food for relatively low cost

Cons: Dishes seem to be infused with Tahitian flavor, not exactly authentic Tahitian dishes

We found the Tahitian Noni Cafe when we were looking for a place for a quick bite while waiting for a movie at Atlantic Station. We couldn’t have asked for a better place!

Dishes basically resemble a range of American dishes but are infused with Tahitian flavor. For example, you might find tacos filled with Flaky Tahitian Mahi Mahi, or Luau Chicken Sandwiches. Whatever it is, your taste buds are in for a treat. The blend of flavors definitely give an amazing edge. While you are here, also try the Noni Lemonade for a twist on a traditional American beverage.

We wished that we could have found some dishes that were uniquely Tahitian, rather than dishes infused with Tahitian flavor. But at these prices, you can’t complain too much.

Six Feet Under

Grant Park:
415 Memorial Drive S.E. Suite E
Atlanta, Ga. 30312
(404) 523-6664

685 11th Street
Atlanta, Ga. 30318
(404) 810-0040

Pros: Excellent seafood, fresh ingredients

Cons: Awkward parking (Grant Park location)

Located next door to another one of our picks (Ria’s Bluebird) is another great regional find. Its ominous name presumably comes from the fact that it is located across the street from Oakland Cemetery, and that the restaurant’s specialty is seafood…food you would likely find six feet under the surface of the water. Of course, we can only speak of the Grant Park location, so we’re not sure just yet if there’s another major cemetery on the west side of Atlanta that may be accompanied by seafood.

The restaurant’s ambience and decor comes from looking like just about any other bar or dive. Beer emblems and logos are prominently displayed on the walls. However, I wish that other bars would have food this good! As alluded to, the big draw is the seafood (although we’ve read on other sites that the burgers are quite good too). The cuisine spans a range of American southern cuisines such as Tex Mex and Creole. Aside from the raw appetizers, it looks like most of the menu is deep fried, which may not make it the healthiest place to eat, but definitely tantalizes. I was definitely tempted as I saw servers bringing orders of fried fish and shrimp to other tables. Regardless, the flavors are magnificent. We helped ourselves to a crabcake po boy sandwich and fried calamari tacos. On both dishes, the flavors were subtle without being too overpowering, but with just enough kick to impress our taste buds. Everything is freshly made, including the potato chips that seem to come with every meal.

Our only complaint is that the parking is a little cramped. However, the residential neighborhood nearby provides a lot of other parking options. Also, when we visited, there was a small leaky pipe over one of the booths, but the service staff was good about guiding us away from the leak. Overall, this is a definite place to visit and keep visiting!

Marietta Diner

306 Cobb Pkwy S
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 423-9390

Pros: Food Network-approved! wide variety

Cons: Sometimes crowded, mediocre breakfast menu

As you probably guessed, we are fans of the Food Network show Diners, Drive-in, and Dives. We were thrilled with a recent episode in which they finally decided to visit the Atlanta area. And when they mentioned the Marietta Diner, we knew that we just had to visit the diner as well. As you can probably guess, the show provided some great publicity, and the place was packed.

Don’t let the name fool you. Although they call this place a diner, the range of food expand well beyond your typical diner fare. On the menu, you will find dishes spanning American, Mediterranean, Spanish, Cajun, Italian cuisines, and more! After seeing the Paella showcased on the show, we could not pass this up. This was filled with just about every seafood imaginable over Spanish rice. The spices and flavor were amazing! We also tasted one of the daily specials: Pierogi. Think ravioli stuffed with potato and served with a rich alfredo sauce with some sauteed chicken, mushroom, and spinach. If your mouth isn’t yet watering, then there’s something wrong with you.

As indicated, our main complaint is that this place is now ultra popular, and you will likely find it pretty crowded. Luckily, we got in before the real dinner rush, so we did not have to wait for our table. Also, the different vegetables in the side salad seemed to have a varying level of freshness; some vegetables were fresher than others, but I guess that is to be expected. We’ve also visited here for breakfast, and we have to say that we weren’t nearly as impressed as we were with their dinner/lunch menu. If you want more impressive and innovative breakfast items, we would recommend Cafe Intermezzo or La Madeleine.

All in all, you can be sure that we will be visiting this one again. With the huge variety in the menu, we’ve yet to even dent it with our sampling.

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